Italian newspaper publishes first

of its kind about climate change article Italian newspaper La Repubblica has published its first article about climate risk, the first by a national newspaper in Europe.

It came out on Saturday (16 April).

The article in La Repubba is titled ‘Climate change is a risk we must be aware of’ and quotes a paper published in the journal Climatic Change.

The article, written by the editor of La Repudica, Marco Visconti, and an editor-in-chief of the paper, Gianni Tocci, was first published on La Repucblica’s website on Friday.

The newspaper said the article was inspired by a survey by the journal and the paper. La Repudión, a newspaper that covers local politics in Italy, has published at least one article on climate change, but it is the first time a national paper has done so.

La Relección, the national daily of the Socialist Party, published a climate article in September.

It was published on Saturday.

The new paper, published by the national newspaper, has been a hot topic on social media and has sparked a debate.

On social media, many people expressed concerns that the paper might be anti-climate change, or that its editors might have political motives.

The paper is currently under investigation by the Italian government.

The government is currently considering whether to ban La Repuda, but the newspaper could still survive if the government makes a ruling.

It has published articles that have been widely seen as anti-environmental and anti-capitalist, but also, in some cases, anti-immigration.

The issue of climate change is now a hot political topic in Italy.

The country has one of the world’s most ambitious climate change goals, and the country has signed the Paris Agreement on climate and energy that aims to cut global emissions by 30 per cent by 2025.

This agreement is a significant step towards reducing the country’s emissions by a third by 2050.

A majority of Italians support the agreement, but some citizens are concerned about the impact of the agreement on jobs and the economy.

The decision to publish the climate article was prompted by a government initiative, La Relevanzione, that aims at increasing awareness of climate risk and to promote public awareness of the risks posed by climate change.

The document, which is expected to be finalised in early 2019, is aimed at reducing the risk of climate-related disasters by promoting public awareness and improving the quality of information.

The idea of the government launching an initiative to inform the public about climate risks was sparked by the death of Italian politician Antonio Giovannini, who was shot in the head during a demonstration in February 2018.

The attack on Mr Giovannino, who had campaigned against climate change policies, has also been cited by climate scientists as evidence of the need to develop a stronger climate protection strategy.

The La Relegazione initiative is an initiative of the Ministry of Energy, Infrastructure and Climate, which was created in September 2017.

The initiative aims to raise awareness and create awareness in the public of climate risks, and to encourage action to reduce them.