What does the Bible say about bullying?

review example academic articles 1 The Old Testament states that bullying is a sin.

It is also a serious offense.

The Bible has many other laws that prohibit bullying.

Some of the laws that apply to bullying include: It is prohibited.

It cannot be done knowingly.

It may be committed in a place of power, authority or respect.

The sin of bullying is the crime of causing another to suffer harm, which can be physical, emotional or psychological.


It must be done intentionally.

The word “bully” is not found in the Bible.

The only reference to bullying in the Old Testament is Genesis 5:16, which says, “I have smitten you with the rod, and you have not withheld my reproof.”

In the Bible, bullies are punished with death.


It should be done by someone of authority.

When someone bullies, they are committing an offense.

In the New Testament, Jesus is referred to as a “prophet,” and he is called “a judge of the world.”

Jesus is also called the “Son of the living God.”

In Romans 2:20, he is referred as “God’s own man,” “the God of Israel,” and “the King of Kings.”


It can only be done to the person being bullied.

Bullying someone is not done by a group or a group of people.

It only happens to someone who is the victim of the bully.

The victim can choose to turn away from the bully and not hurt the bully in any way.

This option is called a “defend” option.

When the victim chooses this option, the bully will not harm him or her.


The person being harassed must not be punished.

Bury the person who is being bullied in the dust, as Jesus commanded in Matthew 10:13.

Boring the person in the dirt, as he commanded in Psalm 139:1, does not change anything about the victim’s status in the world.


Battering someone can never hurt the victim.

Even if the person hitting is the same person who bullied the victim, the victim will never hurt him or herself.

The bully will never be able to hurt the person the bully is hurting.


Bashing someone will not stop a bully from doing harm to someone else.

A person who has been battered can never do harm to another person.

When a bully makes someone else feel unsafe, that is called being “bashed.”

A bully cannot be punished for being “beaten.”


Biting is not a crime.

Bitting is a way to express frustration, frustration is not considered bullying.

Bending someone’s arm is not bullying.

There is no way a person can be “beatened” by biting another person’s arm or body.


Bias is not an offense in the eyes of the law.

Bipartisan legislation has tried to ban the use of bullying to try to protect people from bullies.

Some bills in Congress have tried to prohibit the use or promotion of bullying.

They are unsuccessful in some cases because the people who want to ban bullying do not believe that bullying can be a real problem.

They also do not have enough evidence to support banning bullying altogether.

In addition, many states have tried the opposite approach and have created “hate crimes” laws.

These laws do not include bullying, but they do prohibit the promotion of hate against other people based on their race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other protected status.


Banging is not harassment.

Biling is not yelling, banging, throwing rocks, or threatening to “cut off” someone’s ear.

Bumping someone’s head or chest is not harassing.

Baking someone’s face with flour is not threatening.

Brawling or fighting with someone is no different than hitting a person.


Baring arms is not touching someone.

Holding hands is not kissing, hugging, or hugging someone.

Browsing the Internet is not making someone feel unsafe.

The act of baring arms to another is not the same as kissing.

Bowing is not holding someone down.

Bouncing someone is different than making a “peace sign.”

Biting someone’s eyes is not physical harm.

Bitter words or gestures are not hurting.

Brawls do not cause physical harm to anyone.

Bribing someone is never hurtful.


Bisexuality is not wrong.

Lesbianism, gay and bisexual people are not wrong for wanting to be with someone of the same gender.

Lesbian and gay people are just like any other sexual orientation.

They should not be persecuted for their sexual orientation because of the fear that it could hurt them in some way.