Why We Cannot Admit That We Are Not Christian

The first step in a Christian’s journey is admitting that we are not Christian.

In fact, we do not want to be Christian.

If we want to go to heaven, we need to come to the door of repentance and accept that we have sinned.

But that repentance is not always easy.

In the beginning, there is fear.

In a church that does not know God, it is easy to feel that God is not listening to us and that He cannot hear us.

But God is always listening.

And even though we may not be aware of it, God always listens to us.

Even though we know that God does not hear us, we still need to ask Him.

And we can ask Him to do so by asking Him questions, by being humble, by loving the people around us, and by asking God’s help in the most difficult situations.

God is watching over us and He is the one who will answer our prayers.

In The Cross and in the Holy Spirit, David B. Schaffner, Ph.

D., provides the following advice for pastors who are struggling with faith:1.

Make a promise.

If you are struggling, make a promise to yourself.

For example, say that you will ask God to forgive you.

Or say that when you are sick, you will pray for your health.2.

Remember God is listening.

Ask God for the help you need.3.

Be humble.

You may not know exactly what God is doing, but He will always be with you.4.

Be patient.

If God’s grace has not been forthcoming for some time, try to wait until you know for certain that He will be.5.

Be kind.

We all need to show our love for people and ourselves.

If the people you love are hurting or suffering, ask God for their help and pray for them.6.

Seek God’s guidance.

If your heart has been broken, seek God’s counsel.

Ask Him to help you understand what is wrong with you and how to be better.7.

Be consistent.

If there are times when you want to pray, ask for God’s blessing and pray that God will forgive you, but always keep your eye on God’s plan for your life.8.

Be thankful.

If all of these things are true, God will be with us, so please be thankful.9.

Look for Jesus.

If this is the case, you are doing what God wants.

If not, ask Him for help.10.

Learn from others.

If someone else is struggling with the same issues, it may be worth trying to help them.

Sometimes people are just not ready to confess their sins and are struggling to forgive.

Ask them for guidance.

Ask for what they want and need, and listen to what they have to say.

If they want to repent, be ready to repent.