George Will: Trump will make a deal with Congress, but it will be hard to pass by Republicans

The Washington Post – Washington (AP) George Will is warning President Donald Trump that the GOP-controlled Congress will not be able to pass his tax plan before the holidays.

Will says the president is likely to be willing to work with Democrats, but that the process would be very difficult.

Will said Republicans would likely need Democratic support to pass the legislation, but will likely face a tough road to get it through the Senate.

Will also warned the president would face “serious obstacles” in coming up with a plan that would cut taxes for the middle class and lower the top tax rate from 39.6 percent to 35 percent.

The conservative columnist is writing a book on the topic.

Trump, for his part, said Friday that Congress will pass his proposal.

“We’re going to make a great deal,” Trump said at the White House.

“I think it’s going to be very good.

I think we’re going have a good, very good deal.”

Democrats and a number of Republicans have criticized Trump for not making an upfront offer to address tax reform.

Will argued that the president has not offered much on the tax issue, and that he is more focused on other issues.

“The president’s been saying for months that he doesn’t want to be a politician.

He wants to be president,” Will said.

“He’s not going to run a campaign like Bill Clinton did or George W. Bush did or Ronald Reagan did.

He’s going do his own thing.”

Will said Trump’s decision to announce his plan in mid-December was “a sign that the administration is not going through the normal legislative process.

The administration needs to go through the tax-writing Congress.

It can’t just wait until January to get a tax deal done.”

Trump has promised to unveil his plan at a news conference Friday.