The search for the truth about the deaths of three Canadian soldiers

article publishing The search continues for the bodies of three soldiers who died while on a mission in Afghanistan in 2010.RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson said Tuesday that they are still waiting for the results of an autopsy on the bodies.

“We are still awaiting the results,” Paulson told reporters in Ottawa.

The soldiers, all from Nova Scotia, were part of a multinational team that was conducting an investigation into possible human rights abuses during the NATO mission to train Afghan security forces in 2006.

The three men were killed on March 18, 2010, when their Humvee was hit by a roadside bomb.

The Canadian Forces has launched an investigation, but has not said how they will reach their conclusions.

“It is extremely important that we find out exactly what happened and what happened to these three men,” Paulsonsaid.

“The Canadian government, at this time, is taking all necessary steps to make sure we find the truth.

If it turns out to be an accident, the government will take responsibility for that.”

The soldiers’ families have said they want to know what happened, how the incident unfolded and whether they can see their loved ones again.RCmp said the three men’s bodies will be buried in their home province of Nova Scotia.

The families of the three Canadian troops are also hoping to hear more about what happened in the crash and what the Canadians learned during their mission.RCamp said it will be working closely with the families and the military in the coming days to answer questions.

Paulson said that in the case of the deaths, the RCMP will investigate the circumstances of the crash, including the extent of the damage to the Humvees and the circumstances surrounding the incident.RCM will continue to follow up on any other tips, he said.

The RCMP said it was working with the Nova Scotia government to conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of death of the two men.RCMp said that after an autopsy, it will determine the number of soldiers involved and the nature of the investigation.RCMM is also seeking the results from the Afghanistan investigation.