When Google Glass arrived in your pocket

Google Glass was just around the corner, and Google was eager to make sure that everyone in the world was ready.

In the past year, the wearable computer has started appearing in many places, including hotels, restaurants, bars, and shopping malls.

However, the software giant also made sure to keep Glass users up-to-date on the latest news.

To help keep people up-on-time, Google added a notification system to Glass to notify users when a new article or article link appeared.

The new notification system allows users to see a list of articles and links on the screen, as well as when a notification is due and when it will arrive.

Glass users can also opt to receive a notification when a link has been clicked, or when they are about to download an app.

If you’re a Google Glass user, you’ll soon be able to send notifications to your contacts, and it’s not just the notifications that are getting updated.

Google Glass users also now have access to the Google Now app, which lets users automatically receive reminders.

The app also lets users send personalized reminders, like when they’re about to go on vacation or a date with their friends.

If that sounds like a little too much, Google Glass is available in select markets, including China, where the device is being rolled out in select locations.

As always, we’re going to take a look at the new Glass app, but for now, let’s just take a peek at what Google is introducing to the Glass experience.

To begin, Glass now includes a new notification mode that lets you send notifications, like notifications you’ve received for a new book or app.

This new mode will be enabled by default in the Glass app.

Glass also adds a new way to view notifications.

It’s now possible to view the notification in the Notification Center, which shows you all the recent notifications.

As you can see, there’s now an option to toggle notifications that were received a day earlier or two days ago.

As far as how notifications are displayed, there are three different ways to do this.

First, you can either swipe up on the notification, or swipe left on the notifications pane.

The notification will be shown on the right side of the screen.

Next, you will see a notification list with three dots next to each notification.

The first notification that pops up will have a red X next to it.

The second notification will have an orange X next the X next notification.

Lastly, the third notification will show a green X next it.

If a notification has no green X in it, the user has to swipe up.

This makes it easy for users to quickly identify the notification.

Google has also added a new “Show notifications in notifications” option to the notification pane.

This will now show all the notifications for that day, and also a list showing all the links on those links.

In addition, the notification will now list the date and time of the notification and the notification’s sender.

Finally, the app will now automatically show a notification if the notification is about to appear.

There are a few other changes in the notification system as well, like an option that lets users opt to get a notification from an app rather than from the Glass screen.

You can now opt to have the notification be shown in the app by swiping down on the app’s icon.

Finally a new status bar has been added to the notifications app.

The status bar will show up in the upper left corner of the notifications area.

This indicates a new state of the device, like a charging status, which indicates how much battery the device has left.

The blue bar indicates a charging indicator, which can indicate whether the device can go to sleep or wake.

Finally there’s also a new tab that will allow you to switch between various apps.

Google Now Now, the Google Glass app The Google Now feature was announced as part of the Glass software update, and the app is now available to all Glass users.

To use Google Now, Glass users will first need to download the app.

Once the app has been installed, users will be able tap the notification icon on the top of the status bar and the next notification will appear.

From here, the first thing that users will notice is that Google Now now allows users a lot more control over the notifications they receive.

If the notification includes a link, they can tap on it to see more details about the notification itself.

They can also tap the little icon next to the link to receive notifications directly from the app itself.

Additionally, when they tap on the link, Google Now will show you a list that includes all the news items from the day’s news.

As of this writing, the Glass version of the Google app does not include the Google Lens feature, but Google is working on bringing this to the Android version in the near future.

Google also added support for Google Assistant, so users can now use Google Glass in a more natural way.

This is particularly useful if you’re working with Google Now