Chemists’ ‘cute’ ‘babies’ made them laugh out loud

Chemists at a US chemical company have invented “babies” to help the babies of its employees laugh out loudly, according to reports.

The Times of America reported on the company’s Facebook page that the babies are named “Babs and Biz”, and they “look and act like cute little babies”.

“We love them.

They are really adorable and can’t wait to play with them,” the company wrote.”

The babies are not just cute and cuddly, they are adorable and fun to play and learn with,” the post added.

The company said that its “babs and biz” are not “super-cool” and have “nothing to do with chemistry” but they are a “fun and creative way to get people laughing”.

The company is currently working on a baby version of its “cute” and “babysitting” feature, the Times of Canada reported, and it is currently developing an app for its users.

Chemical giant BASF is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of the highly-toxic pesticides used to kill pests.