When a woman can walk into a store and buy anything with a credit card, it’s OK

Posted October 13, 2018 11:59:52The Government has been caught in a financial crunch after a woman walked into a local supermarket and bought two pairs of jeans for about $1.60.

The woman is in her 40s and has been in the workforce for the past eight years.

She purchased them with a $200 credit card.

The shopper was shocked when she was confronted by the woman, who said she was trying to pay for groceries.

“I was in shock because I was not expecting to be charged,” she said.

“The shoemaker was very rude to me and I don’t think she realised what I had paid for.”

She said she had no credit card and asked me to show her my ID.

“She said the shoemaker said the jeans were her favourite and asked her if she was carrying any credit cards.”

When I told her I had one, she said ‘no, it was my card’.

“The shoher said she told the shoemaking shop the woman was asking for $1000 and the shop was not going to accept the money.”

It was really rude, I really felt bad,” she told 7.30.”

They were going to charge me $1000, but they didn’t.

“The woman said she paid $1000 to the shop and told them to give her a phone number so she could call the woman and apologise.

The ABC has been contacted for comment.

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