Army: Australian army is facing ‘real and imminent’ threat

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The Navy’s chief medical officer told reporters Monday the military is “not the kind of person that’s going to say ‘Hey, I’ll let you do whatever you want, we’re just not going to go into health care.'”

Defense Secretary Ray Mabus told reporters at a briefing that Mabus wants to continue the tradition of not having a military member in the chain of command, including in the case of a crisis.

“I think that’s the position we should take, and we’re trying to keep that, but I also want to continue to say we’ve got a civilian physician and a civilian medical officer on board.

We’re not going into health insurance.

We don’t have a health insurance policy.

We do have a civilian doctor,” Mabus said.

“We don’t want to have a military medical officer, and the White House does not believe that we should.”

Mabus also said the Navy wants to ensure its personnel and equipment are protected and the nation’s health is protected, not just by the Navy but by the rest of the military.

Mabus’ comments came during a meeting with reporters after the Navy released a report that concluded the health of U.S. service members has not improved under President Donald Trump.

Trump has called Mabus a “loser,” and Mabus has called the president a liar.