Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan ‘not going anywhere’ in 2018

31 Aamir Khan, the superstar Bollywood film star and the creator of “Bachchan”, has said he is not going anywhere.

In a tweet posted on Saturday, Mr. Khan said, “My family and I have been very happy and blessed.

The family of our son Amitabah Bachchan will be the happiest.

We are grateful to the people of Mumbai for giving us the blessing to make the movie, and we hope that all of our fans will be happy with the film.”

In a similar tweet on Saturday evening, he also said, I am proud of my family and my friends, but I have not been happy in Mumbai for a long time.

Mr. Khan also shared a photo of himself with his family.

“I hope that I will never leave you for a while.

I hope that everyone here is happy and is ready to welcome me to the city and the world.”

Earlier in the day, Mr Khan tweeted that he was “ready to go anywhere, but it will not be for my family.”

He had tweeted the same message two days earlier.

“My parents have asked me to stay with them and they are not going to change their mind,” he tweeted.

Mr. Bachchan, known for playing a bhakti character in films like “Chinatown”, is in Mumbai to promote the film.

The actor’s parents had asked him to stay at home for his filming of the film because he is “an adult.”

The actor has also been known to come to Mumbai several times during his time as the star of films like”Bakshinabadhi”, “Prakashan”, “Chidambaram”, “Bathinda”, and the recently released “Mukul,” which he directed.