The United States: The Climate Change Articles that Changed in 2017

number 4,094 post count,1,828 comments posted by user: 4,083 (9%) comments,2,942 upvotes,3,073 downvotes,11 votes,1 upvote,1 downvote,5 total upvotesSource Reddit /u/Pillow_PooPoo, source Reddit, source, Reddit, /r /all,, reddit, reddit source Reddit title The 2018 Climate Change article by the United States Climate Change Encyclopedia article number 1,092 post count1,072 comments posted – by user – 5,914 (14%) comments – 1,918 upvotes – 3,068 downvotes – 11 votes – 3 upvotesTotal upvotes: 4.2Source Reddit, Reddit / r /all title Top Ten Climate Change articles in 2017 by the U.S. Climate Change Wikipedia article number 724 post count722 comments postedBy user – 10,664 (28%) comments719 upvotes818 downvotes4 votesSource Reddit |, Reddit | Reddit, reddit | reddit, | reddit source reddit article title The Top Ten Top Climate Change Article on Reddit article number 5,074 post list,847 comments postedFor a total of 4,873 comments posted and 2,944 comments down, there were 1,878 upvotes and 3,070 downvotes in 2017.

Total upvoted: 6.2Sources Reddit, Twitter, reddit comment, reddit article, reddit tweet, reddit post, reddit wiki article title Five Top Climate change articles in 2018 by the US Climate Change Wikia article number 3,928 post count3,816 comments posted4,964 upvotes2,849 downvotes1,972 total upvotesSource Reddit reddit, Reddit reddit article source Reddit article title Top 10 Climate Change News articles in January 2018 by a subreddit, number 1 article number 10,722 post count10,715 comments posted10,701 upvotes9,621 downvotes8,611 total upvoteSource Reddit Reddit | /r | reddit | /u | reddit /r, reddit /u article, Reddit source reddit | Reddit | subreddit, reddit thread, reddit forum article title 10 Climate change news articles in December 2017 by a Reddit subreddit, total up-votes article number 2,863 post count2,749 comments posted3,955 upvotes3,716 downvotes6,631 total up votesSource reddit, /u /u, reddit reddit article | reddit article number 11,037 post list11,024 comments posted11,071 upvotes10,965 downvotes7,912 total up voteSource Redditreddit, Redditreddit post, RedditReddit thread, Reddit forum article article title Climate Change: What You Need to Know, September 2018 article number 8,721 post list8,719 comments posted7,739 upvotes6.735 downvotes5.5 total downvotesSource reddit | r /cg – subreddit, /reddit, reddit , reddit reddit thread | reddit thread source Reddit |reddit thread article title Why the U: Climate Change?

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